Hause Monnin Consulting

Efficiency Consulting


Simply put, you need information. You need things done timely. You need things easily understandable and auditable. Hause Monnin Consulting has satisfied these needs for many clients. This is what makes us different. We can explain things easily and we can improve the process.



Hause Monnin Consulting can increase your efficiency by focusing on the following topics:



Management Information and Consulting

  1. “Temporary Staff Assistant” at any level
  2. Key Indices Reports
  3. Derivation of data



Expense Assumptions vs. Target – “Quick Profitability Study”

  1. Are you meeting your pricing targets?
  2. Is there value added even if you are not?
  3. Are you making what you “think” you are?



Workpaper Design

  1. Are your workpapers designed to be efficient?
  2. Can they be easily produced?
  3. Can they be easily audited?
  4. Are they mechanized where possible?



Project List

  1. Are projects constantly placed on the backburner?
  2. Are you constantly saying “We’ll get to that next year”?
  3. Would outsourcing some projects make financial sense?



What can Hause Monnin Consulting do to help?

  1. Provide high level consulting on the issues
  2. Develop and implement efficiency items
  3. Produce the reports using Microsoft tools
  4. Complete items on your project list