Hause Monnin Consulting

Hause Monnin Consulting is an actuarial, management, and regulatory consulting firm.  Gary P. Monnin, FSA, MAAA started the firm in 1998 after spending 16 years in the insurance company environment, followed by 11 years in the consulting environment.  The firm is located in Austin, Texas on scenic Loop 360, just south of the Pennybacker Bridge shown above.  


The firm specializes in life, health, and annuity consulting.

Hause Monnin Consulting believes that the best way to serve clients is to deliver quality results in a timely fashion, providing excellent management information for a reasonable cost.

Management information is a key to running a profitable operation. In many cases, actuaries are accused of having “black boxes” with little explanation. Hause Monnin Consulting believes firmly that its clients are excellent business people. It is the goal of the firm to provide the complex actuarial information in a manner that allows the client to make excellent business decisions. Our first goal is to make sure that the client and our actuaries are on common ground. In this way, management decisions are made with appropriate information.